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Patrick Duchesneau
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Nathalie Simon was at the same time satisfied with her re-election, and sad that three members of her team will not be sitting with her in city council.

CHÂTEAUGUAY – At the end of a good month of electoral campaigning, it was finally Mayor Nathalie Simon who earned the popular vote at the municipal elections.

Of the 15,119 ballots, 62.7% or 9,479 votes, went to Mrs. Simon. Steve Brisbois, who ran as an independent mayoral candidate, received 37.3% of the votes.

Joining her at Brasserie La Chope where she was watching election results with members of her team, Nathalie Simon was relatively satisfied with the outcome. “We are very happy. It was better than the last time (in 2009)”, said the Mayor. She observed however that those members of her team who were elected obtained a significant lead. “I believe that the people voted for the people, and not for the party”, was Mrs. Simon’s analysis.

At the final count, Action citoyenne / Citizen's Action had five councillors out of the eight. Independents Barry Doyle and Mike Gendron were re-elected, while Lucie Laberge defeated Guillaume Dumas in the riding of Bumbray (4). In the course of the evening, the latter confirmed on the Facebook page of Citizens’ Action that he accepted his defeat, respecting the choice of the people, but deploring that “some of our opponents tried to gain votes by distorting the facts, misinforming the public, and categorically resorted to lying.”

As for Steve Brisebois, he expressed his disappointment at the end of election night at de la Place restaurant with his supporters. “I’m a little disappointed. Nonetheless, the message was delivered. I am proud of myself and my team of volunteers”, said the defeated candidate. He however assured that he will continue to closely monitor the city council’s decisions.

Questioned about the first issue she will push now that elections are over, Nathalie Simon was thinking of the next budget to be filed in December. “We will continue what we have achieved. The budget for sure will be a priority, but the team in place has already been working on it for many months. The process should go sufficiently well”, Mrs. pointed out.

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